Saturday, 6 June 2015

June 6, 2015: Lecture "City Everywhere: Kim Kardashian and the Dark Side of the Screen" by Liam Young

On June 6, 2015, it was our pleasure to invite Liam Young to present us with his lecture entitled "City Everywhere: Kim Kardashian and the Dark Side of the Screen."

Lecture Summary:
Our luminous technologies cast shadows that stretch across the planet. Join speculative architect Liam Young and a fictional Kim Kardashian as they go on a storytelling walking tour through the flickering screen and beyond the fog of the cloud, to explore the distant landscapes, factories and infrastructures that our contemporary digital gadgets set in motion. With spoken word and a rapid fire assault of film, animation and live sound mixing Liam and Kim journey through City Everywhere, an imaginary town of near future technologies stitched together from fragments of real places, extreme mega cities and speculative design fictions.

Liam Young is an architect who operates in the spaces between design, fiction and futures. He is founder of the think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today, a group that explores the possibilities of fantastic, speculative and imaginary urbanism. He co-runs the "Unknown Fields Division," a nomadic studio that travels on expeditions behind the scenes of the modern city.