Friday, 24 April 2015

DPL Competition Team Meeting with Prof. Kengo Kuma

Preparing preliminary design options

Volumetric Models

Meeting with Prof. Kuma at KKAA

Design kick off meeting with Prof. Kengo Kuma at KKAA Office.
We brought 8 preliminary design options to discuss with him.
Through the discussion we selected a few volumetric options to develop further.

Monday, 20 April 2015

SPL Pavilion 2015 Structural Test with Prof. Jun Sato

We received the material for the 2015 SPL Pavilion. The material is a carbon fiber rod from Komatsu Seiren. We tested the structural properties of the material with Prof. Jun Sato.

April 20th, 2015: Structural Engineering Lecture 03 by Professor Jun Sato, the University of Tokyo

Professor Jun Sato gave a comprehensive structures lecture for the first year students. He showed the students many renowned projects and experiments that has pushed the boundaries of structural engineering possibilities. 
After which, each student team conducted a bending moment test and Prof. Sato advised them on calculations, further tests, and possible improvements.
In the future, these collaborators and experts will join us as jury members to select the final design for this year's 2015 DFL research pavilion.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Arduino Workshop | Making "Smart Tools"

On April 10th, we had an Arduino workshop and invited Yuta Sugiura from Keio University. The goal of the workshop was to build "smart tools" in just an hour.

Arduino Introduction
Students making their own "smart tools"

Testing servos
Connecting cables

Mounting circuits on the "smart tool"
At the end of the workshop, we had presentations.

Interactive washing puff - it measures the distance between the machine and a wall. It also measures worker stress by measuring the loudness of workers' voices.

Smart spray for grafitti artists - this enables the painter to create a brush-like feeling by controlling the discharge rate (depending on the distance between the wall and the spray).

Smart detergent dispenser - it detects dirt by checking the brightness of the wall.

April 13th, 2015: Structural Engineering Lecture 02 by Mika Araki of Jun Sato Lab, the University of Tokyo

Mika Araki from Jun Sato Lab gave the first lecture in a lecture series on structural engineering for the first year students. She showed the students how to conduct various material tests, but focused on bending in this lecture. Each project has its own material properties relevant to design, and thus, it is important to listen and learn from the experts. In the future, these experts who we invite for lectures will join us as jury members to select the final design for this year's 2015 DFL research pavilion.

Friday, 10 April 2015

First Presentation for SPL Pavilion

On April 1st, we had the first presentation for the 2015 SPL pavilion. The research group, composed of PhD and master students from Kuma lab, Chiba lab, and Jun Sato lab, presented in Obuchi lab. The topic of the presentation was woven architecture featuring carbon fiber rods.

Friday, 27 March 2015

T_ADS TEXTS 01 Architectural Theory Now (issued in December, 2014)

We published a book about architectural theory last year (December, 2014). The book was written only in Japanese, but we hope to translate it into English in the near future.

Title: T_ADS TEXTS 01  これからの建築理論  Architectural Theory Now
Topic: In the present global society, what is possible in architecture? How should we share the discussion of architecture?

Chapter Contents (temporary English translations)

Foreword, Kengo Kuma
Preface, Yusuke Obuchi: Is Architectural Theory Necessary Now?

Section 1, Architectural Theory Now
Symposium, Architectural Theory Now
Fumihiko Maki 
Arata Isozaki 
Hiroshi Hara
Kengo Kuma
Hidetoshi Ohno
Manabu Chiba
Yusuke Obuchi

Essay, Manabu Chiba: What Can We Learn in Architecture?
Interview, Fumihiko Maki: Humanism: Concepts of Cities and Architecture
Essay, Hidetoshi Ohno: The Architectural Theory of Fumihiko Maki – Beyond Modernism
Interview, Arata Isozaki: A Narrative which Mixes Architecture and City
Essay, Jun Aoki: After Isozaki: The Things I Took Over and the Things I Left Behind
Interview, Hiroshi Hara: With Careful Consideration, Architecture Can Look Ahead
Essay, Kazuhiro Kojima: Things Learned from Hiroshi Hara. 

Section 2, Projection & Reception
Symposium, Projection & Reception

Brett Steele
Jeffrey Kipnis
Sylvia Lavin
Jesse Reiser
Nanako Umemoto

Interview, Reiser+Umemoto: What Sustains the Culture of Architecture?
Interview, Jeffrey Kipnis: Where Architecture Works
Interview, Sylvia Lavin: How Does a Multi-platform Approach Serve Architects?