Tuesday, 18 November 2014

STIK Project _ Obuchi Lab

A few photos from our daily life at Obuchi Lab~

The lab before a wild pack of students messed it up with glue and chopsticks. 

Beautiful autumn day at the university

Not only a home for us but also a space enjoyed by all; may it be the children playing around or the elderly coming to draw and paint, the university is always lively with people. 

Our 1:1 mock up of one of the walls of the pavilion. Yes it can stand by itself. Unbelievable I know. Just look at that cantilever!

Construction has recently begun outside for the pavilion. Work is being undertaken down to the millimetre to assure complete success of this project. 

Can't wait to see it completed! 

First base layer has been set. Anyone else is getting excited?