Friday, 18 November 2011

ALGODE Tokyo 2011

Yusuke Obuchi and G30 Obuchi Lab’s software teaching staff participated in Algorithmic Design International Symposium at Architectural Institute of Japan in Tokyo. The symposium hosted a series of impressive keynote lectures by Jesse Reiser from New York, Makoto Sei Watanabe from Tokyo, Kostas Terzidis from Boston, Marcos Novak from Santa Barbara, Tom Verebes from Hong Kong, and Mike Xie from Melbourne. Hanif Kara and Michael Weinstock from London also joined the keynote lectures via an online presentation. There was also a panel discussion on Algorithmic Design in Architectural Education chaired by Prof. Obuchi, and it was joined by Ludger Hovestadt of ETH Zurich and Toru Hasegawa of Columbia University.
A series of pavilions were displayed during the symposium at the front entrance of Architectural Institute of Japan. The pavilions were originally constructed as part of AAST Workshop Tokyo 2011. Obuchi Lab's teaching staff (Daisuke & Junichiro) and students (Olesia & Deli) played an instrumental role in designing and fabricating the pavilions.